The Healing

Depite several years of efforts, the residents at Lundtoftegade in Copenhagen is in risk of ending up on the so-called ‘tough ghetto list’ managed by the government. So what do you do, when you’ve run out of options? You call upon the spiritual dimension! The collective performance project ‘The Healing’ is supposed to banish the evil forces ebefore it is too late and before 60% of the residents will risk being forcily moved from teh area. With contributions from young and old and with a deeply dedicated chairman in the lead, the community goes in to creative action.But will the healing succeed? 

Original title: Helbredelsen

Directors: Hannah Elbke & Natalia Ciepiel

Producer: Maria Møller Christoffersen

Produced by: Frau film

Type: Mid-length documentary

Year of production: 2021

Festival and awards: CPH:DOX 2021

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Frau film