Scooter Boys

For many young people in the small towns in Denmark, scooters are the key to becoming local heroes. Like the characters in “Easy Rider”, these boys suddenly have the means to embark on their own unique journeys. The bonds formed among scooter enthusiasts create special friendships, stories, and connections. However, this scooter phase is fleeting, lasting only three years. While it may feel like an eternity at the time, it comes to an end when they turn 18 and trade their moped license for a car. These three precious years bridge the gap between childhood and adulthood, where friends are everything, love interests appear, and freedom beckons.

Scooter Boys encapsulates the essence of freedom, community, and emotions, providing insight into the diverse minds of young lads who ponder life beyond just scooters.

Original title: Scooter Boys

Director: Jonatan Nothlev

Producer: Maria Møller Christoffersen & Rasmus Ladefoged

Produced by: Frau film & Kaiju

Type: Documentary series

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