At the south tip of Gran Canaria, a small Island in the Atlantic Ocean, the sun is always shining. The 60’ies pastel colored hotels and glittering swimming pools set the scene. Somewhere between the Dunas, the beach and the shopping centers, the usual holiday activities keep the tourists occupied. Meanwhile the permanent vacationers invite us to see a different side of the resort. A varied cast from Scandinavia, Europe and Africa have left their old lives behind, to get a fresh start somewhere far from home. Resorts is a human study and a visually stunning portrait of a classic charter destination that is becoming increasingly rundown, but stubbornly insists on the joy of life. Resorts offer a new look on the migration crisis and complexities of tourism.

Director: Mette Toft Carla Albrechtsen

Producers: Rikke Tambo

Produced by: Tambo Film, Bullitt Film

Supported by: The Danish Film Institute

Type: documentary

Year of production: 2023

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