Petey & Ginger

Petey & Ginger is a personal take on individual crisis vs. collective crisis, and what happens when the two overlap. In their narrative, we experience a broken culture exposing a wasteland of shattered economic dreams and unfulfilled social promises; a reality that only music and friendship float freely above.

Director: Ada Bligaard Søby
Writer: Ada Bligaard Søby, Dunja Gry Jensen
Producer: Morten Kjems Juhl

Co-Producer: Anne Byvald
Executive Producers: Peter Hyldahl, Morten Revsgaard Frederiksen, Frank Mauceri, Charlotte Munch Bengtsen, Ada Bligaard Søby, Jim Butterworth
Production Company: Beofilm

Running Time: 60 min.
Year of production: 2012




Frau film