Parting Words

When Naja finds out her mother Ingrid is dying, she has to decide how to say goodbye to the woman she had chosen to cut out of her life. At the same time, Naja has an important decision to make about her own future.

Danish title: Et sidste ønske

Writer and director: Anders Nylander Thomsen
Producer: Selina Wilken

Cast: Johanne Louise Schmidt, Karen-Lise Mynster, Adam Brix Schächter

Genre: Drama
Short film
Length: 15 minutes, 27 seconds

Status: Complete
Year of production:

Festivals: Luminous Frames (Winner – Best Actress), Boden International Film Festival (Semi-finalist), Venezia Shorts (Official Selection), Indie Shorts Awards Cannes (Semi-finalist), Short Film Factory (Winner – Best Relationship), Sweden Film Awards (Finalist), Luxembourg Indie International Film Festival (Official Selection), STTP+ (Film of the Week), Liftoff Global Sessions (Official Selection)

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Parting Words Sweden Film Awards
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