Letters from St. Petersburg

In a poetic and sensual imagery, in the film ”Letters from St. Petersburg” Lotte Leth Nielsen draws an emphatic portrait of a group of young Russians from the LGBT+ organisation Coming Out

The young people in the film move far beyong the limits for acceptable norms for gender and sexuality in a Russia that, not least since the adaption of the law prohibiting homo propaganda in 2013, has experienced a definite decline in living conditions and basic rights for LGBT+ people. Based on the young people’s own universes of music, lyrics and stories, Lotte Leth Nielsen shows, among others, what it means to stand out from the norm in a society that by force tries to suppress all life forms that do not live up to the conservative, patriarchal values that the government alone wants to promote. 

Director: Lotte Leth Nielsen

Producer: Maria Møller Christoffersen & Penelope Bjerregaard

Produced by: Frau film

Supported by: Statens Kunstfond

Type: Short documentary

Year of production: 2021

Festival and awards: CPH:DOX 2021




Frau film