Albert is trapped at the family farm in Thy, where the family’s demented Grandmother still lives. Today it’s her 80th birthday and the family is gathered with their shared traumas, open secrets and other mess. According to Albert, it’s not entirely wrong that Hell is other people, like Sartre wrote. The problem is just that Albert, without knowing the reason, is sentenced to relive the same family celebration over and over again. Each time the party is over, it starts over again.

Director: Lars Therkildsen
Writer: Lars Therkildsen
Producer: Maria Møller Christoffersen
Main Cast: Charter McCloskey, Uffe Rørbæk,
Miri-Ann Beuschel,Sofie Stougaard, Kasper Gross

Production company: Grasværk

Type: Series, Comedy
Year of production: 2019




Frau film