Brief History of a Family

LOGLINE: A middle-class family’s fate becomes intertwined with their only son’s enigmatic new friend in post one-child policy China, putting unspoken secrets, unmet expectations, and untended emotions under the microscope.

SYNOPSIS: After an incident at their high school, Wei, an outgoing only son from a middle-class family, and Shuo, his quiet, perceptive classmate, find themselves connected through some mysterious energy that draws them intimately into each other’s lives. Wei soon introduces his friend to his father, a cell biologist, and his mother, a former flight attendant. Learning that Shuo comes from a troubled background, Wei’s parents welcome this boy with an enigmatic charm to spend more time in their home.Slowly integrating himself into Wei’s family life, Shuo discovers that their comfortable existence is shadowed by unspoken secrets, unmet expectations, and untended emotions. A tragic incident further complicates their lives, putting past wounds and present anxieties under the microscope.

Original title: 家庭简史

Director: Lin Jianjie

Produced by: First Light Films

In co-production with: Films du Milieu and Tambo Film

Supported by: The Danish Film Institute

Type: Feature film

Year of production: 2024

Festival and Awards: World premiere Sundance 2024, European premiere Berlinale 2024




Frau film