Absolute Beginners

In august 2019, 120 hopeful teenagers embark on a journey full of change, hope and dreams when they begin at the school, Klejtrup Musikefterskole. Some with the hope of getting new friends and putting traumas of bullying behind them. Others with the goal of overcoming this summer’s heartbreak or the wish to seek new adventures in a place far away from parents and familiar surroundings. All of them are looking for the experience of their lives. The school year gives them the opportunity to redefine who they want to be and to change in the new relations they take part in. They meet at crucial time in each other’s life. They are connected and changed forever.

Original title: Efterskolen

Director: Thora Lorentzen

Producers: Rikke Tambo

Produced by: Tambo Film, Bullitt Film

Supported by: Danish Film Institute, DR3, The West Danish Film Fund

Type: Documentary series in 6 episodes

Year of production: 2021

Awards and Festivals: Best European TV Documentary Series at Prix Europa 2021, Nominated for Best long TV-Series at ROBERT 2022, Selected for HOTDOCS 2022




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