An independent production arm of Beofilm

Frau film has the vision to develop, produce and co-produce relevant, bold and entertaining fiction and non-fiction projects and has a strong focus on international co-production. The first official title to come out of Frau film was the artistic documentary “Kandis for Life” by Danish Academy winner, Jesper Dalgaard, which came out in the fall of 2021. We are now involved in several projects both in development and in production, in cooperation with directors such as Philippe van Leeuw (The Wall), Teona Mitevska (The Happiest Man in the World), Jesper Dalgaard (God), Lars Therkildsen (Akhi), Johannes Nyholm (Firehawks), and Cecilia Torquato (Boost!).

The team

Maria Møller Christoffersen

CEO / Producer

Asbjørn Kelstrup


Penelope Bjerregaard

Junior producer / freelance

Laura Bøcher Ursø

Junior Producer